Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's Summer In Kentucky; Jenks

    Well, y'all, it's summer.  Time to swat mosquitoes, drive to Destin, and make up things to complain about with the basketball team.  Yesterday we learned that our friend Kyle Wiltjer would be leaving us.  Sad news.  First, from all I hear, he's a really great guy who's an asset to the University.  Also, even though we have our all-star recruiting class, I feel like there's a spot for Kyle.  He provides experience and shooting.  Remember that damn West Virginia game John Wall and Boogie's year?  If we'd had Kyle Wiltjer, the course of history might be different.
   Anyway, I just thought he wanted to leave for some reason.  That's fine.  It's his life.  I'm not even going to be catty about it.  Kyle played and practiced on a Championship team.  He provided me a year of trash talk and #8 wardrobe options.  I wish him well.
   Apparently I'm naive.  Unbeknownst to me, Cal has shipped Wiltjer off in a nefarious plot to get another scholarship.  Maybe so.  Cal says he wants Kyle to say.  He says he'll hold his spot.  Time will tell.  Personally, I don't think he's telling us a bold-faced lie.  If you know me, I'm pretty gullible.  Not being a basketball coach, I would think Wiltjer might have a nice skill set.  And we have some Kentucky kids on the roster who have a cheaper path to school tuition-wise if we wanted to cut a scholarship.  Who knows?  I guess we'll see by October.
   Here's the thing.  We can bash Cal.  He already has a toenail in the dog house for Bobby Mo.  It's just that everybody does it (almost.)  Apparently a few schools have made a rule that a scholarship is good for four years.  I applaud them.  Others don't abide by that rule.  Let's look at Pitino (only because we're most familiar with him.)  Swopshire-gone.  Nunez-gone.  I'm sure other schools do it, too, I just don't care what they're doing.  The word is Duke neither takes scholarships nor has players leave early for the NBA.  Coach K must have some magical recruiting prowess...
  Even our moral measuring stick, Tubby, took scholarships if he needed them.  See Estill, Marquis.  See other people who I'm not at liberty to discuss.  (And I swear I didn't mean that bitchy.   I love Tubby.  He is a moral measuring stick.)
  Condensed, we're all going to feel pretty silly about our hissie fits when we're buying our #9 embroidered caps in April.  Go fix a Gingersnap.  Chill.

brown sugar syrup
ginger syrup
ginger ale
squeeze a lemon

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